Fusing together traditional elements of public relations with contemporary communication tactics - SANE provides a 360° approach that communicates the lifestyle at the heart of your brand and products. We provide creative consultancy and strategic methods to connect our clients with mass media and the public, ensuring they are global leaders in the fashion and lifestyle arenas.



We believe in the power of culture and the shared experiences of our communities. We embed this stance at the heart of all our clients’ live activations. From in-store events to global press trips, bespoke dinners to immersive digital experiences, our years of expertise in production engage and excite audiences to make sure brands remain firmly part of their day-to-day lives.



People and product are what drive our brands forward. It’s why we pride ourselves on the vast network of influential voices that we work with - amplifying your brand message to new and credible audiences. This considered and curated approach connects our clients with relevant, on the ground figureheads, embedding brands in the communities they belong and adding credibility to brands and their products. SANE’s Influencer team are constantly sourcing worldwide talent to make sure any partnerships are the right ones.



Here at SANE, content is king. We help brands to creatively relay their vivid and varied stories - bringing them to life through rich visuals that resonate with leading multimedia channels or brand campaigns. It’s what drives our in-house content creation team powered by industry-leading figures to generate cutting edge assets at the very forefront of creativity.



Brands need breathing space both on and offline. Social media is a valuable asset in today’s digitally savvy world - but managed incorrectly, brands become another unecessary additive to the online ocean of noise. We work with brands to make sure they cut through the dross with the right content and to the right timelines - epanding and engaging with audiences to bring your brand to life.



Nothing brings us more joy than when we see our clients out in the real world. Its where they belong - in our cities, on our streets - powering the cultures that make our world great. SANE work with an array of global, regional and on-the-ground teams to activate relevant experiential ‘happenings’, making sure your brand is doing just that.